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On a 520 Euro basis / or part-time / or full-time

Production worker (W/M/D) wanted in Mechernich Satzvey

Drum roll, curtain up…
Yes, we work with our hands over here. - But we have gloves : -) You move a bit of weight in each shift. - But we take good care of your body and train you, how to do your work ergonomically. Our long-term employees can do it. So can you.

And yes, your foreman is a bit grumpy sometimes. But he takes good care, you work in a way that protects your bodies health. So if you enjoy the peace and security of steady, repetitive work and like physical work, please contact us.

Naturally, we'll also talk about the good aspects of your new job. - And here they are:

We offer you a secure job, longterm, if you want to, working in a 3 shift production system. You do not need any special training for this job. We will train you while working, and you will soon know what to do, with confidence. You can choose whether to work on a 520 Euro system, part-time or full-time. You can be young, looking for a job between 2 jobs, or be retired. You can be a quiet character, or more of a colourful person. – All is well. We have space for you being you.

By the way: Your weekends are always free of work, for you to relax. Except, if you choose to work during the weekend, now and then. – Because yes: This means more money in your pocket. And,  like mentioned before: You can bring your individuality along with you: Tattoos, piercings, and your sense of humor, too.

We look forward to having you join the team as a team worker,  – and if you prefer to do your own thing – working alone – we can find a work space for you too.

Please get in touch with us, with your application at:

 Repro Handels GmbH
Am Billig 1
53894 Mechernich
Tel. 0049 (0)2256 957204

Your application can be informal. Feel free to call us, or just send us an email. – We’ll make an appointment, you come by, and we`ll see, if we are a good fit.

You are looking for a full-time, part-time, or 520 Euro job as a production worker / production assistant in Mechernich Satzvey (Euskirchen)? Just give us a call. Tel. 0049(0)2256 - 957204